CSAQ Stick It To The Man!

CSAQ Stick It To The Man!


Here in the Arts Quarter, our campaign for the removal of advertising hoardings in Colston Street, Perry Road and on No. 6A Park Row, has been succesful.

It was brought to our attention that the large advertising hoardings may never have been granted the correct permission and so the area’s Planning Scrutiny Committee started investigating the issue. It turned out they hadn’t.

Hamilton Caswell of the CSAQ’s Planning Scurtiny Cmmittee said, “It’s excellent news that the advertising hoardings on all three sites about which we originally submitted complaints are to be taken down.  That news will be highly welcomed by our Christmas Steps Arts Quarter community, as it will be a great improvement and a benefit to the dignity of our Conservation Area.

Why not investigate the legitimacy of advertising hoardings in your area… maybe they’ve never had the correct planning permission either?!